Vip Meet and Greet Service at Bourget Airport

Vip Meet and Greet Service at Bourget Airport

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​MyDriverParis can provide you with a range of luxury concierge services in Paris to make your journey through the Bourget Airport and beyond as stress free and relaxing experience as possible for arrival, departure ​.

We provide two types of VIP Meet and Greet services at Paris Le Bourget Airport :

Arrival Meet and Greet Service in Paris Le Bourget Airport :

Upon arrival our host will meet you as you exit the aircraft or arrive at the curb and assist with all check in and security processes, whisking you through the airport with minimum fuss and delay.

Our host will manage every aspect of your arrival  so you can unwind in a private, luxury lounge after the flight. MyDriverParis will look after immigration, luggage pick-up and collecting your duty-free items, and customs then take you to your driver who will be able to take you anywhere you’ll need to be in Paris, France, and adjacent regions.

Departure Meet and Greet Service in Paris Le Bourget Airport

We can organize your transportation to the Bourget Airport from Paris , and help you with all procedures up to the gate of your departure via priority counters. With the assistance of our host, you don’t have to worry about lengthy lines checking in for your flight or passport control simply because our expedited service speeds you through security, check-in, and passport control. Our agents can also escort those with first and business class seats to the lounge and/or to your flight’s gate.

Also our agent  will assit you for tax refund. This needs to be done in the last EU country where you are on the ground.You will need to provide your ticket, passport and the forms that you have collected during your shopping.

Our MyDriverParis Host will help you :

– Expedite the reimbursement of tax free refunds.

– Assist you with your luggage at check-in.​

Pricing : 210€

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