Versailles Tour From Paris

Versailles Tour From Paris

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Versailles tour from Paris

VERSAILLES is the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French art that stayed the symbol of absolute monarchy for more than a century. This private tour from Paris will embark you on a journey that will introduce you to the splendor and tragedy of Versailles

The construction of the Chateau de Versailles that lasted for over a 50 year period began as Louis XIII ‘s hunting lodge before his son Louis XIV the Sun King transformed and expanded it, moving the court and government of France to Versailles, using the chateau to demonstrate its political, economic, military success .

Your MyDriverParis private chauffeur will pick you up in a luxury car (sedan,van). Versailles is 30 minutes drive away from Paris . You will visit the ROYAL CHAPEL, followed by the visit of the KING’S GRAND APARTMENT: This prestigious seven-room enfilade served as a parade apartment.

After the visit of this wonderful chateau, you can walk into the GARDENS to discover the planted architectural patterns and the groves and fountains.

You can also visit the GRAND TRIANON which is probably the most refined group of buildings in the domain of Versailles, elegantly proportioned, radiating a sense of coziness, sweetness and grandeur all at once.  Louis XIV had it erected to escape the rigid pomp of court life with his mistress Madame de Montespan, Napoleon occupied on many occasions with Marie-Louise before Charles de Gaulle had it restored as a guesthouse for presidents of France.

The PETIT TRIANON and MARIE-ANTOINETTE’S ESTATE linked to the memory of the Queen Marie-Antoinette, that’s swept away the old court and its traditions, finding at the Petit Trianon the heaven of privacy that enabled her to escape from the rigors of court.

At the end of this quite busy, interesting day, the driver will bring you back to Paris

Pricing :

Mercedes E Class  People : 4 Total price: 700€
Mercedes V Class  People : 7 Total price: 800€
Mercedes S Class  People : 4 Total price: 1000€
Mercedes Sprinter  People : from 12 to 30 Total price: 1600€

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